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Physics is very dependent on mathematics. Models and theories in physics are expressed using mathematical equations.



Physics is the study of the properties of matter and their relationship with energy and forces. It is a branch of Physical Science.

Objects are made of matter and vary in size from extremely large to extremely small. Energy concerns the velocities of objects. Applying a force to an object can result in its motion.

The study of physics can be divided into classical physics, relativity, and quantum mechanics. Classical physics concerns everyday sizes and velocities. Relativity concerns large objects and high velocities, while quantum mechanics concerns extremely small sizes and distances. Both areas use complex and high-level mathematics.

Most of our studies will be on classical or everyday physics.

Course Curriculum

Physics Lesson
Capacitor – PhysicsFREE 01:05:00
Current Electricity – PhysicsFREE 00:43:00
Electrostatics 2 – PhysicsFREE 01:05:00
Geometrical Optics – Physics 01:06:00
Physics Quiz 00:10:00
Kinematics of Physics for JEE Main & Advanced – Physics 01:07:00
Magnetism – Physics 01:00:00
Thermal Expansion and Elasticity – Physics 01:13:00
Thermodynamics – Physics 01:04:00
Wave – Physics 01:04:00
Gravitation – PhysicsFREE 01:03:00

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