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Strategies for enhancement in food production – Biology

Breeding among the unrelated organisms, that is, they can be from same breed or different species of different breed is known as Outbreeding.

The types of Outbreeding are as follows:

  • Outcrossing is the practice of mating animals of the same breed without any common ancestor up to 4-6 generations
  • Cross Breeding involves mating between superior female of one breed with superior male of another breed
  • Interspecific Hybridization is the mating between two different species. Both the parents are selected on the basis of some desirable characteristics



Plant breeding is the manipulation of plant species in order to obtain desirable plant traits such as more yield, pest resistance, herbicide resistance etc. There are different methods to produce desired variety of plants. The most common method of plant breeding is hybridization. Hybridization is defined as the process of mixing of genome of two organisms to produce organism with new trait. Such plants with modified genome are known as transgenic plants.

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